3.1 Adding Users to Your Messenger System

After installing Messenger, you need to add users to your system. They can be either GroupWise users or just Messenger users. If you upgraded from Messenger 3.x to Messenger 18, your Messenger users were migrated from eDirectory. You can link these users to their GroupWise user profile by associating them.

NOTE:If you enable automatic account creation, existing GroupWise users do not synchronize to Messenger, but must be manually added to Messenger or associated to Messenger accounts.

3.1.1 Enabling Automatic Account Creation for New GroupWise Users

You can configure Messenger to automatically add new GroupWise users to Messenger:

  • In the GroupWise Admin console, navigate to Messenger > MessengerService > Settings > Account Management, and then select the Automatically create and delete accounts for GroupWise users.

3.1.2 Adding Existing GroupWise Users to Messenger

To add existing GroupWise users to Messenger, you need to manually enable the users in Messenger:

  • Navigate to Users in the GroupWise Admin Console, and select the users you want to add to Messenger.

  • Select Messenger > Enable.

    Users are imported into Messenger. Any issues with the import are displayed.

3.1.3 Linking GroupWise Users to Migrated Messenger 3.x Users

When you migrate from Messenger 3.x to Messenger 18, your Messenger users are migrated from eDirectory and are stored in the Messenger database. You can associate these users with your GroupWise users to manage both the GroupWise settings and Messenger user settings in one location. To associate users:

  • In the GroupWise Admin Console, go to Users > select a user > Messenger > Associate.

  • Select the users in Messenger that corresponds to the GroupWise user.

    You can now manage the user’s Messenger preferences using the Messenger tab for the user.