6.1 Creating Chat Rooms

There are two ways to create a chat room: in the client interface and in the GroupWise Admin Console.

6.1.1 Creating a Chat Room in the GroupWise Admin Console

To create a chat room in the GroupWise Admin console:

  • In the GroupWise Admin console, navigate to Messenger > MessengerService > Chats, and select New.

  • Enter a name, display name, and owner for the chat room and choose if the chat room is searchable.

    The chat room is created; however, you might want to change some additional settings after creation. For more information about editing chat room settings, see Editing Chat Room Settings In the GroupWise Admin Console.

  • To make the chat room visible, you must restart the Messaging Agent.

6.1.2 Creating a Chat Room in the Client

Both administrators and users can create chat rooms in the client. However, users must be granted access in the GroupWise Admin console before they can create a chat room. For information on how to allow users to create chat rooms in the client, see Allowing Users to Create Chat Rooms.

  • Click Tools > Chat Rooms, and then click Create.

  • (Optional) Select the owner of the chat room.

    By default, the owner is the user who is creating the chat room.

  • Type the chat room name.

  • (Optional) Type a description and a welcome message for the chat room.

  • (Optional) Select the maximum number of participants.

  • (Optional) Select if you want to archive the chat room.

  • (Optional) Select if you want the chat room to be searchable.

  • (Optional) Click the Access tab, and then select the access rights for all users and a particular user.

  • Click OK to create the chat room.