3.2 Installing and Setting Up Your GroupWise Messenger System

You should have already reviewed Planning Your GroupWise Messenger System and filled out the worksheet. The following sections guide you through the installation process:

3.2.1 Installation Prerequisites

Before starting the Messenger Installation program, ensure that your system has been prepared for the Messenger system configuration for which you have planned. In addition to this list, ensure that the server requirements have been met.

3.2.2 Installing and Setting Up Messenger

Reference these sections to install and configure Messenger.

Starting the Messenger Installation Program

To start the Messenger installation program:

  1. Download the GroupWise Messenger 18 tar file and extract the files.

  2. In a terminal, become root by entering su and the root password.

  3. Browse to the server directory in the previously extracted directory.

  4. Run the following command:


  5. Follow the prompts to install the Messenger files.

  6. Continue with Configuring Your Messenger System.

Configuring Your Messenger System

To configure Messenger:

  1. After the packages are installed, enter y to configure the Messenger system.

  2. Select Create or update a system.

  3. Use the GroupWise Messenger Worksheet and follow the prompts to configure Messenger.

Starting the Messenger Services

To start the services manually, use systemctl. You must login as the root user to manually run the Messenger services:

  • ArangoDB: systemctl start|stop|status|restart arangodb3.service

  • Messaging Agent: systemctl start|stop|status|restart gwm-nmma.service

  • Archive Agent: systemctl start|stop|status|restart gwm-nmaa.service

  • MARS: systemctl start|stop|status|restart gwm-mars@gwmsgr.service

Messenger log files are created in the /var/opt/novell/log/messenger directory.