59.3 Required Switches

The following switches point the GWIA to the GWIA’s directory. They are assigned their initial value during installation.

59.3.1 --dhome

Points to the SMTP service work area. This is normally the GWIA’s gateway directory under the domain\wpgate directory. See Section 57.1, Relocating the GWIA’s Processing Directories.

Syntax: --dhome path_name

Linux Example: --dhome /gwsystem/provo1/gwia

Windows Example: /dhome=c:\gwsystem\provo2\gwia

59.3.2 --hn

Specifies the hostname that is displayed when someone connects to your GWIA using a Telnet session. You should enter the hostname assigned to you by your Internet service provider.

Syntax: --hn host_name

Example: --hn gwia.novell.com

This switch is required only under certain circumstances. Normally, the GWIA gets the information from another source and does not need this switch. If you receive a message that the ‑‑hn switch is required, you must use the switch.

59.3.3 --home

Points the GWIA to the GWIA’s gateway directory. This is always a subdirectory of wpgate in the domain directory structure.

Syntax: --home gateway_directory

Linux Example: --home /gwsystem/provo1/gwia

Windows Example: /home-j:\headq\wpgate\gwia

If you specify a UNC path with the ‑‑home switch when you run the GWIA as a Windows service, you must configure the GWIA service to run under a specific Windows user account. If you specify a local directory or a mapped drive, you can configure the GWIA service to run under the local system account.