29.1 Synchronizing Individual Users or Resources

Most often, you will notice a synchronization problem when a user has trouble sending a message. Symptoms include:

To synchronize individual User and/or Resource objects:

  1. In ConsoleOne, connect to the domain that owns the users and/or resources.


    Connect to the primary domain.

    If you need assistance with this task in a GroupWise system that includes domains on Linux servers, see Section 4.1, Select Domain.

  2. Browse to and right-click one or more User or Resource objects to synchronize, then click Properties.

  3. Make sure the correct information appears on the object’s Identification page, then click Cancel.

  4. Repeat Step 2 and Step 3 for each user or resource you need to synchronize.

  5. Select each User or Resource object, then click Tools > GroupWise Utilities > Synchronize.

  6. When you are asked whether to proceed, click Yes.

    Current, correct information is then replicated throughout your GroupWise system.

    If many User or Resource objects are being synchronized, you can check progress by viewing pending operations. See Section 4.5, Pending Operations.

    After synchronization is complete, you can verify that it was successful by checking the synchronized objects in Address Books and several post offices in your GroupWise system.

If there are indications that a large number of User or Resource objects need to be synchronized, rebuilding the post office database (wphost.db) can be preferable to synchronizing individual objects. However, this process requires exclusive access to the post office database. See Section 26.3, Rebuilding Domain or Post Office Databases.

Occasionally, GroupWise user information can get out of sync with Novell eDirectory user information. This requires a different type of synchronization process. See Section 42.4.1, Using eDirectory User Synchronization.