22.5 Viewing a New Library in Your GroupWise System

After you create a new library, you can see it in ConsoleOne and GroupWise client users can see it in the GroupWise client.

22.5.1 Seeing the New Library in ConsoleOne

In the Console View in ConsoleOne, you can see the new Library object in the context of its eDirectory container object.

Figure 22-3 Console View Showing the New Library Object

ConsoleOne View Showing the New Library Object

In the GroupWise View, you can see the relationship between the new library and the post office it belongs to.

To locate the library in the GroupWise view:

  1. Expand the GroupWise System object.

  2. Expand the Domain object where the owning post office resides.

  3. Select the owning post office.

  4. In the drop-down list of objects, select Libraries.

    GroupWise view with the new library displayed

22.5.2 Seeing the New Library in the GroupWise Windows Client

GroupWise Windows client users can see that a new library has been created. They can set it as their default library if desired.

In the GroupWise client:

  1. Click Tools > Options > Documents.

    Documents Setup dialog box

    The Library Configuration tab should include the new library.

  2. Select the new library, click Set as Default, then click OK to use the new library as the default location for storing documents and searching for documents.