46.0 Understanding Document Conversion

The document files that users attach to email messages are as varied as the combinations of document formats, tools, and users throughout the world. The Document Viewer Agent (DVA), which is automatically installed along with the POA and the MTA, accommodates multiple attachment formats by converting GroupWise attachments into HTML format. For a list of the file types that the DVA can convert, see Oracle Outside In Technology Supported Formats.

Two GroupWise components rely on document conversion for their functionality:

The DVA can simultaneously convert multiple document files into HTML format.

Because some document files contain unexpected data, they cannot be successfully converted into HTML format for viewing in GroupWise WebAccess and for indexing by the POA. The DVA isolates the document conversion task from other GroupWise activities. If the DVA encounters a problem converting a particular document file, the problem does not affect conversion of other document files, nor does it affect the user experience in GroupWise, except that the problem document cannot be viewed in WebAccess and cannot be located using the Find feature.