70.6 Putting the Monitor Configuration Changes into Effect

70.6.1 Accepting the Default Time Interval

By default, the Monitor Application checks the gwmonitor.cfg file for changes every 10 minutes. When it finds changes, it puts the changes into effect without restarting Tomcat. If you are satisfied to have your changes put into effect within this time interval, no action is required on your part after you edit the gwmonitor.cfg file.

70.6.2 Changing the Default Time Interval

You can change the time interval at which the Monitor Application checks the gwmonitor.cfg file for changes.

  1. Open the gwmonitor.cfg file in a text editor.

  2. Search to find the following line:

  3. Change 10 to the number of minutes Monitor Application to wait before checking for changes to its configuration file

  4. Save the gwmonitor.cfg file.

70.6.3 Immediately Putting the Configuration Changes into Effect

You can manually restart Tomcat in order to immediately put the changes into effect.

OES 11:

rcnovell-tomcat6 stop
rcnovell-tomcat6 start

OES 2 Linux:

rcnovell-tomcat5 stop
rcnovell-tomcat5 start

SLES 11:

rctomcat6 stop
rctomcat6 start

SLES 10:

rctomcat5 stop
rctomcat5 start


  1. At the Windows server, click Start > Administrative Tools > Services.

  2. Right-click Tomcat 6, then click Restart.