70.2 Setting the Timeout Interval for Inactive Sessions

By default, administrators are logged out of the Monitor Web console after 20 minutes if they have not performed any actions that generate requests. Actions such as polling agents for current status and running reports generate requests. Other actions, such as changing the view of existing information, and reading Help topics, do not generate requests.

The timeout interval provides security for GroupWise administrators who forget to log out of the Monitor Web console. It also helps the performance of the Web server by freeing the resources dedicated to that administrator’s connection.

To adjust the timeout interval:

  1. Open the gwmonitor.cfg file in a text editor.

  2. Search to find the following line:

  3. Change the default of 20 to the number of minutes that you prefer for the timeout interval.

  4. Save the gwmonitor.cfg file.

  5. Skip to Section 70.6, Putting the Monitor Configuration Changes into Effect.