70.3 Adjusting Session Security

By default, the Monitor Application uses the Web browser IP address of the Monitor user to confirm that, during the same session, it is always communicating with the same user. This is the highest form of security and works well for users on desktop workstations. However, for laptops and mobile devices that are carried to different places, possibly from one network segment to another, this level of security can cause interruptions in user sessions.

Other Monitor Application security features such as session cookies provide excellent security, even without the IP address checking. If you have multiple GroupWise administrators who check GroupWise status from various locations, you can turn off the need for confirming the Web browser IP address to make the Monitor Web consoles more stable for these mobile administrators.

To disable IP address checking:

  1. Open the gwmonitor.cfg file in a text editor.

  2. Search to find the following line:

  3. Change true to false.

  4. Save the gwmonitor.cfg file.

  5. Skip to Section 70.6, Putting the Monitor Configuration Changes into Effect.