2.3 Planning a New Clustered Domain

The considerations involved in planning a new domain in a clustering environment are essentially the same as for any other environment.

Regardless of the type of domain you are creating, keep in mind the following cluster-specific details as you fill out the worksheet you need:

When you have completed the worksheet, transfer the key information from the Basic GroupWise System Worksheet or the Domain Worksheet to the System Clustering Worksheet.


Under Item 9: Domain Name, transfer the domain name and database directory to the System Clustering Worksheet.

Under Item 7: GroupWise Partition for Domain, transfer the domain location to the System Clustering Worksheet. Also specify the secondary IP address of the shared partition where you plan to create the domain.

IMPORTANT:Do not create the new domain until you are instructed to do so in Section 3.0, Setting Up a Domain and a Post Office in a Linux Cluster.