5.3 Testing the Internet Agent in a Linux Cluster

After you have configured the GWIA cluster resource, you can test the load and unload scripts by bringing the cluster resource online and taking it offline again.

  1. In iManager, expand Clusters, then click Cluster Manager.

  2. Browse to the Cluster object to display the current cluster state.

    Cluster Manager

  3. (Conditional) If the new GWIA cluster resource shows Offline in the State column, click the new GWIA cluster resource, then click Online.

    After a moment, the GWIA cluster resource displays Running in the State column.

  4. At the server where the GWIA is starting, use the following command to see that the GWIA has started:

    /etc/init.d/grpwise status domain.gwia
  5. Select the new GWIA cluster resource, then click Offline.

    The State column for the GWIA cluster resource returns to Offline.

  6. Use the same command that you used in Step 4 to verify that the GWIA has stopped.

  7. Repeat Step 3 whenever you are ready to bring the new GWIA cluster resource online permanently.

  8. Continue with Managing Your Clustered GroupWise System on Linux.