29.4 Upgrading GroupWise Monitor

After you have upgraded at least one domain to GroupWise 2014, you can upgrade GroupWise Monitor. For information about upgrade issues that you should consider, see Agent Upgrades.

29.4.1 Preparing to Upgrade GroupWise Monitor

GroupWise Monitor is not dependent on any other GroupWise agents, so you can upgrade the Monitor Agent and the Monitor Application to GroupWise 2014 at any time.

IMPORTANT:If you are upgrading from GroupWise 8 directly to GroupWise 2014, you need to understand that Monitor no longer relies on eDirectory objects for its configuration information. All configuration information is located in the gwmonitor.cfg file instead. See Understanding Monitor Updates and Updating GroupWise Monitorin the GroupWise 2012 Installation Guide before you upgrade Monitor from GroupWise 8 directly to GroupWise 2014.

29.4.2 Installing the Monitor Software

  1. Stop the existing Monitor Agent.

  2. (Conditional) On Linux, stop Tomcat.

    • OES 11:
    • SLES 11:
    • rcnovell-tomcat6 stop
    • rctomcat6 stop

    On Windows, the Installation Wizard does this for you.

  3. To upgrade Monitor to GroupWise 2014, follow the standard installation instructions in Section 18.0, Setting Up GroupWise Monitor.

    IMPORTANT:If more than one web-based GroupWise component (WebAccess, Calendar Publishing Host, and/or Monitor) is installed on the same server, you must upgrade all web-based GroupWise components at the same time. After one existing web-based component has been upgraded to GroupWise 2014, other web-based components on the server do not work until they also are upgraded to GroupWise 2014.

  4. Restart all GroupWise services on the server.

  5. (Conditional) If you are upgrading from GroupWise 8, complete the steps in Cleaning Up the Monitor Server after Updating to GroupWise 2012 in the GroupWise 2012 Installation Guide.

  6. Continue with Clearing Browser Caches to Display GroupWise 2014 Monitor Correctly.

29.4.3 Clearing Browser Caches to Display GroupWise 2014 Monitor Correctly

After you have upgraded the Monitor Application to GroupWise 2014, clear your browser cache before accessing the upgraded version of GroupWise Monitor. If old GroupWise Monitor files are used from users’ browser caches, they might not be compatible with the upgraded files from the web server. The results can be unpredictable and undesirable.

29.4.4 Reconfiguring the GroupWise High Availability Service

On Linux, the GroupWise High Availably Service (gwha), that works in conjunction with GroupWise Monitor to automatically restart the Linux GroupWise agents, now requires an additional file. The gwha.allow file lists the user that the High Availability Service uses to log in to the Monitor Agent. This file increases the security of the interaction between the High Available Service and the Monitor Agent. For setup instructions, see Step 3 in Creating a GroupWise High Availability Service User.