3.0 Messenger

Novell Messenger relies on having GroupWise users defined in NetIQ eDirectory. The association of both GroupWise and Messenger users with eDirectory User objects enables the display of Messenger presence in the GroupWise client.

GroupWise 2014 users can be defined in NetIQ eDirectory, in Microsoft Active Directory, or in the native GroupWise directory. Customized setup is required when you want Messenger presence to display in the GroupWise client, but your GroupWise users are not currently in eDirectory.

For native GroupWise users, you can directly associate them with new eDirectory objects.

For GroupWise users that have been imported from an LDAP directory such as Microsoft Active Directory, the GroupWise users already have direct associations with an LDAP directory, so they cannot also be directly associated with eDirectory. In this case, you still must create eDirectory objects for them, but you configure your Messenger system to establish a secondary association between GroupWise users and their eDirectory User objects that relies on their email addresses.