4.1 Configuring GroupWise for Use with Micro Focus Vibe

4.1.1 Understanding How Micro Focus Vibe Interacts with an LDAP Directory and GroupWise

When you install Micro Focus Vibe in an environment where GroupWise is already set up, the products interact in the following ways:

  • Vibe can use an LDAP directory (Micro Focus eDirectory or Microsoft Active Directory) to authenticate Vibe users. This means that you do not need to create Vibe users manually. Vibe can create its user accounts based on the users that already exist in the LDAP directory.

  • Vibe can use GroupWise as its integrated email system. This means that email messages sent from the Vibe site are delivered to GroupWise mailboxes. It also means that GroupWise users can post items to Vibe folders by sending email messages to Vibe folders.

  • Vibe information can be displayed in the GroupWise client. Starting in GroupWise 8.0.2, you can drag and drop GroupWise items into Vibe folders in the GroupWise Folder List to post items to the corresponding folders in your Vibe site. You can also use the GroupWise Find feature to search your Vibe site.

4.1.2 Authenticating through the LDAP Directory

4.1.4 Enabling GroupWise/Vibe Integration for GroupWise Client Users

Before you can integrate GroupWise and Vibe, your Vibe site must be set up, as described in the Novell Vibe 3.4 Installation Guide.

  1. In the GroupWise Admin console, click Domains, Post Offices, or Users, then click the object where you want to make Vibe available to GroupWise client users.

  2. Click Client Options > Integrations > Micro Focus VibeS.

  3. Select Enable Micro Focus Vibe.

  4. Provide the Vibe URL:

    1. Use the following format:

    2. (Conditional) If you want to use HTTP instead of HTTPS, include it in the Micro Focus Vibe URL field, for example:

    3. (Conditional) If Vibe is not configured with the default HTTPS port, include the port number after the hostname, for example:

    4. (Conditional) If Vibe is not installed in the default location, include the path to TeamingServiceV1, for example:

  5. Click OK.

IMPORTANT:In order for GroupWise users to take advantage of GroupWise/Vibe integration, they must provide their GroupWise email address in their Vibe profile.