gwadminutil-reindex (1)


gwadminutil-reindex - The GroupWise Administration Utility database reindex option


gwadminutil reindex path


Rebuilds the listing indexes in the database that are used for sorting users in the Admin console.

There is a listing index for all users in your GroupWise system, for all users in each domain, and for all users in each post office. If you see differences in user listings when you are connected to different domains in the Admin console, you should rebuild the listing indexes. When you rebuild the listing indexes, the current system index is used.


Usage Options:


Specifies the path to the database to reindex.

Help Options:

--help , -?

Displays the help information and exits.



Script file that runs GWAdminUtil.


This program normally runs as root.

gwadminutil reindex /gwsystem/provo1

Rebuilds the listing index for the Provo1 domain.

gwadminutil reindex /gwsystem/engineering

Rebuilds the listing index for the Engineering post office.


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