15.0 Document Management

If your GroupWise administrator has set up libraries and enabled document management, all of your documents are stored in a library in GroupWise, allowing you to manage all of your documents from your Mailbox.

In GroupWise 2014 R2, the Open Document Management API (ODMA) integration is no longer supported, but there have been no other changes or enhancements to GroupWise document management functionality. For complete information on using the robust features offered by GroupWise document management, see Document Management in the GroupWise 2012 Windows Client User Guide.

Additional Document Management Solutions

If your organization is looking to implement additional document and file management solutions, we invite you to explore the capabilities of Novell Filr and Novell Vibe.

  • Novell Filr is the easiest and most powerful way for companies to deliver end-user file sharing, access, and discovery, from any mobile device with full enterprise security. End users enjoy a seamless experience either from their desktop, laptop or mobile device plus file sharing with anyone, based on corporate-defined roles and policies. For more information, see the Novell Filr product page.

  • Novell Vibe brings together people and the content they need to do their jobs. Users create workspaces and invite others to participate--from inside or outside organizational boundaries. Virtual teams can easily and securely manage, share, locate, and access documents, calendars, discussion forums, wikis, and blogs. Powerful workflow functions can track project status and progress. Team workspaces enable enterprise social networking, with team members chosen not by their proximity, but for their expertise. For more information, see the Novell Vibe product page.