GroupWise 2014 R2 and Vibe Quick Start

June 2016

GroupWise 2014 R2 provides integrations with Novell Vibe, which can enhance your GroupWise collaboration experience with additional tools and functionality that are not inherent in email applications, such as persistent discussion forums that allow users to join ongoing conversations, powerful workflows that automate daily processes, team workspaces that enable people to work together, and more.

NOTE:Versions of Novell Vibe prior to 3.0 are called Novell Teaming. Regardless of whether you are currently using Vibe or Teaming with GroupWise, the integration with GroupWise is essentially the same.

This section describes important ways that you can leverage Vibe functionality directly from the GroupWise Windows client.

1.0 Prerequisites

Before you can use Vibe with GroupWise, ensure that the following prerequisites are met:

1.1 User Prerequisites

  • You are using GroupWise 2012 or later on Windows and any version of Vibe. (Earlier versions of Vibe are called Teaming.)

1.2 Administrator Prerequisites

2.0 Accessing Vibe through the Novell Vibe Folder or the Novell Teaming Folder

After GroupWise/Vibe integration as been set up, you can easily access the Vibe site from the GroupWise client by using the following integration points:

  • The GroupWise Folder List includes a Novell Vibe folder or a Novell Teaming folder at the bottom.

  • In the Vibe or Teaming folder, you have a folder that accesses your personal Vibe workspace and a folder named My Teams that lists all the teams that you belong to.

  • From any team listed in the My Teams folder, you can send email to the team, access the team calendar, and subscribe to the team RSS feed, if a calendar and RSS feed are available for the team.

  • When you subscribe to a team RSS feed, a My Team Feeds folder is created under the Vibe or Teaming folder.

  • You can click any Vibe folder in the GroupWise Folder List to display the Vibe Web page in the GroupWise Main Window.

3.0 Accessing Vibe from a GroupWise Web Panel

You can create a GroupWise panel to display the main Vibe URL or any other Vibe URL that you want to display in GroupWise.

For example, you can display your Novell Vibe feed in the GroupWise client. This enables you to keep up with the latest Vibe additions without leaving GroupWise.

For information on how to do this, see Creating a New Panel in Getting Organized in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Client User Guide.

4.0 Searching GroupWise and Vibe Simultaneously

GroupWise enables you to simultaneously search for information that is located either in GroupWise or Vibe.

  1. In the GroupWise client, click the Find icon .

    The Find dialog box is displayed.

  2. Ensure that all options are selected in the Look in window on the right side of the dialog box.

  3. Define what you want to search for by specifying the appropriate information in the Find dialog box.

  4. Click OK.

    GroupWise displays a list of GroupWise messages and Vibe folder entries that match your search criteria.

5.0 Dragging and Dropping GroupWise Items into Vibe Folders

GroupWise enables you to drag GroupWise email messages and drop them into Vibe folders. Vibe displays the content of the message as a Vibe folder entry in the folder where you dropped the message.

When you drag and drop email messages into Vibe, be aware of the following behaviors:

  • Messages are copied from GroupWise; they are not moved. GroupWise retains a copy of the email message.

  • Email attachments appear in Vibe as folder entry attachments.

Dragging and dropping a message from GroupWise into a Vibe folder is accomplished within the GroupWise client. You must drag GroupWise messages into the Vibe directory and subdirectories that are located in the GroupWise Folder List. You cannot drag GroupWise messages and drop them into Vibe when Vibe is displayed in a Web browser.

If you do not see the Novell Vibe folder or the Novell Teaming folder in your GroupWise Folder List, then your GroupWise administrator has not enabled Vibe integration.

You can drop messages into any Vibe folder that you have rights to mail into.

To drag an email message and drop it into a Vibe folder within the GroupWise client:

  1. In the GroupWise client, locate the Novell Vibe folder or the Novell Teaming folder in your GroupWise Folder List.

  2. Expand the Vibe or Teaming folder.

    A list of your Vibe folders appears in the GroupWise Folder List.

  3. Select an email message and drag it into one of your Vibe folders in the GroupWise Folder List.

  4. Click the Vibe folder where you placed the email message.

    The Vibe folder is displayed within the GroupWise interface. The email message that you placed in this folder is displayed as a Vibe folder entry.

6.0 Saving Items to Vibe from GroupWise

You can save GroupWise items to Vibe directly from GroupWise:

  1. In the item that you want to save to Vibe, click File > Save As.

  2. In the Save To drop-down list, select Save to Novell Vibe.

  3. Select the Vibe folder that you want to save to, then click OK > Save.

  4. Click Close.

7.0 Opening Vibe Notifications in GroupWise

In GroupWise 2014, when you open a notification that you receive from Vibe, a GroupWise panel is launched that contains a browser where the Vibe message is displayed.

In previous versions of GroupWise, when you receive a notification message from Vibe, the message contains a hyperlink that you can use to launch a browser and go to that message.

8.0 Viewing Vibe Feeds in GroupWise

Vibe enables you to view live feeds of the latest entries in your teams and tracked places, or across the entire site, so that you can be up-to-date in real time without entering the Vibe site. And, like Twitter, you can see live feeds for the micro-blog entries of the people you are tracking.

GroupWise enables you to view live Vibe feeds directly from the GroupWise client.

  1. In the GroupWise client, locate and select the Novell Vibe folder in your GroupWise Folder List.

    The Vibe feed is displayed.

    For more information about how to use Vibe feeds, see Viewing Live Feeds in Getting Informed in the Novell Vibe 3.4 User Guide.

9.0 Refreshing the Vibe Folder List in GroupWise

The Vibe folder list in GroupWise is synchronized with Vibe every 10 minutes and whenever you create a Vibe folder within GroupWise.

You can manually refresh the Vibe folder list in GroupWise:

  1. Right-click the main Novell Vibe folder in your folder list, then click Refresh Folder List.

10.0 Understanding Task and Calendar Synchronization between Vibe and GroupWise

You can synchronize Vibe tasks and calendars to GroupWise in the following ways:

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