GroupWise 2014 R2 SP2 Readme

April 2017

1.0 What’s New

  • Micro Focus Filr Integration: GroupWise 14.2.2 allows you to integrate with Micro Focus Filr. You can enable Filr in the Admin console > select a Domain, PO, or user > Client Options > Integrations > Micro Focus Filr. You will need to enter the URL of your Filr installation. With Filr enabled, you can force all attachments to be placed in Filr or set a size limit for the attachments and anything over that size is placed in Filr.

    In the client, when creating an email, you can add a Filr reference as an attachment or upload an attachment to Filr when you send the email. You can search Filr when using Find. You can save received attachments to Filr using the File > Save menu.

    For more information, see Micro Focus Filr in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Interoperability Guide.

  • De-Mail Integration: You can enable De-Mail in the Admin console > select a Domain, PO, or user > Client Options > Integrations > DE Mail. Users will then see De-Mail options in the client when sending an email to a De-Mail address.

    For more information, see De-Mail in theGroupWise 2014 R2 Interoperability Guide

  • Vacation Rule enhancements: Vacation rules have been updated so that you can have a separate message body for replying to external users and you can limit your replies to external Address Book members.

2.0 GroupWise System Requirements

System requirements are listed in GroupWise System Requirements in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Installation Guide.

3.0 Installation

Installation instructions for GroupWise 2014 R2 are found in the GroupWise 2014 R2 Installation Guide.

4.0 Continuing Issues in GroupWise 2014 R2 SP2

Some of the issues that were discovered in previous versions of GroupWise 2014 have not yet been resolved. Review the following Readme documents for more information:

5.0 Known Issues in GroupWise 2014 R2 SP2

5.1 Installing .NET 4.5 on Windows 7 through GroupWise Client takes a long time

When installing .NET 4.5 on a Windows 7 machine using the GroupWise Client install, the install can take over 12 minutes to install .NET. Installing .NET prior to the GroupWise Client install fixes the issue.

5.2 No Default Email Client error after installing GW Client with Microsoft Outlook installed

If you install the GroupWise Client with Microsoft Outlook installed on the machine, you could run into the following error:

No e-mail program is assigned to export the desired action. Install a corresponding e-mail program, or create a map in the system control under "Standard programs" if a program is already installed.

To fix this issue, create a Novell GroupWise profile in Outlook. See Creating the GroupWise Account Manually in the GroupWise Mobility Service 2014 R2 Administration Guide.

5.3 WebAccess Item Read Window Closes when Navigating to Next or Previous Item

If you have an item open in WebAccess in IE 11 or Microsoft Edge, and you navigate to the next or previous item using the arrows in the Item Read window, the Item Read window closes. This does not happen in other browsers. We are working on a fix for this issue.

6.0 Documentation

The following sources provide information about GroupWise 2014 R2: