14.4 Role of the Post Office Agent

The GroupWise Post Office Agent (POA) delivers messages to users’ mailboxes, connects users to their post offices in Online mode, updates post office databases, indexes messages and documents, and performs other post office-related tasks.

The following sections help you understand the various functions of the POA:

14.4.1 Client/Server Processing

Using client/server access mode, the GroupWise client maintains one or more TCP/IP connections with the POA and does not access the post office directly. Consequently, the performance of the POA in responding to requests from the GroupWise client directly affects the GroupWise client’s responsiveness to users.

When using client/server access mode, the GroupWise client can be configured to control how much time it spends actually connected to the POA.

  • In Online mode, the client is continuously connected.

  • In Caching mode, the client connects at regular intervals to check for incoming messages and also whenever the client user sends a message. Address lookup is performed locally. Caching mode allows the POA to service a much higher number of users than Online Mode.

  • In Remote mode, the client connects whenever the client user chooses, such as when using a brief modem connection to download and upload messages.

For more information about the client modes available with client/server access mode, see Using Caching Mode and Using Remote Mode in the GroupWise Client User Guide

Client/server access mode also allows users to access their GroupWise mailboxes from POP and IMAP clients, in addition to the GroupWise client. See Supporting IMAP Clients.

In client/server access mode, the POA is enabled for secure SSL connections by default. If necessary, you can configure the POA to force SSL connections with all clients. See Securing the Post Office with SSL Connections to the POA.

14.4.2 Message File Processing

Messages from users in other post offices arrive in the local post office in the form of message files deposited in the POA input queue. See Agent Input/Output Queues in the Post Office.

The POA picks up the message files and updates all user and message databases to deliver incoming messages in the local post office. To provide timely delivery for a large volume of incoming messages, see Optimizing Message File Processing.

14.4.3 Other POA Functions

In addition to client/server processing (interacting with client users) and message file processing (delivering messages), the POA: