1.2 Protocol Overview (RFC Section 2)

1.2.1 Link Level (RFC Section 2.1)

Full compliance.

The RFC states that "an IMAP4rev1 server listens on port 143." (Port 993 is used for SSL connections.) By default, that is where the GroupWise IMAP agents listen. However, GroupWise allows an administrator to change the IMAP port (and the SSL port) on which to listen, in case there is a need to run more than one IMAP agent on the same server.

1.2.2 Commands and Responses (RFC Section 2.2)

Full compliance.

The initial greeting from the GroupWise IMAP agents is as follows:

S: * OK GroupWise IMAP4rev1 Server Ready

Client Protocol Sender and Server Protocol Receiver (RFC Section 2.2.1)

Full compliance.

Server Protocol Sender and Client Protocol Receiver (RFC Section 2.2.2)

Full compliance.

No data is sent unilaterally by the server.

1.2.3 Message Attributes (RFC Section 2.3)

Full compliance.

For details on subsections of 2.3, see the following:

Message Numbers (RFC Section 2.3.1)

Full compliance.

The GroupWise IMAP agents are fully compliant with the message numbers as described in the RFC. However, they are not viewable from a GroupWise client and are not accessible from other GroupWise APIs.

Unique Identifier (UID) Message Attribute (RFC Section

Full compliance.

The GroupWise IMAP agents are fully compliant with the message unique identifiers described in the RFC. Also, the mailbox unique identifier validity values returned by the GroupWise IMAP agents are in compliance with the RFC.

Message Sequence Number Message Attribute (RFC Section

Full compliance.

The GroupWise IMAP agents are fully compliant with the message sequence numbers as described in the RFC.

Flags Message Attribute (RFC Section 2.3.2)

Full compliance.

The IMAP system flags map to the following GroupWise fields:


Item Status field, Read bit (Setting this bit also sets the Opened bit. Clearing this bit does not clear the Opened bit.)


Item Status field, Replied bit


Follow-up Flag

NOTE:Prior to GroupWise 2014 R2, this mapped to Priority field, Priority High bit.


Special IMAP Item Deleted bit on the Folder Flags field (This is not the Deleted bit on the Item Status field.)


Box Type field, Draft bit


Recent is a calculation determined by the Delivered Date being newer than the last time the mailbox was selected with SELECT or the last NOOP. This calculation holds true for each session, even if multiple sessions are simultaneously active on the same mailbox.

The GroupWise IMAP agents support client-defined keywords. Only permanent keywords are supported. GroupWise defines one such keyword, $ImapSent, which (when used with the APPEND command) sets the Box Type field of the message to Sent. (This is known in GroupWise as a sent item.)

Internal Date Message Attribute (RFC Section 2.3.3)

Full compliance.

The IMAP internal date is the same as the GroupWise Delivered Date field.

Size Message Attribute (RFC Section 2.3.4 [RFC 822])

Full compliance.

GroupWise messages do not always store data as a MIME. Because of this, the first time the MIME is generated, a size is calculated. The calculated size is stored with the message for future reference to improve performance when retrieving this attribute.

If the MIME representation is generated again, the calculated size is updated (if any changes to the MIME generation code have been made).

Envelope Structure Message Attribute (RFC Section 2.3.5)

Full compliance.

Body Structure Message Attribute (RFC Section 2.3.6)

Full compliance.

1.2.4 Message Texts (RFC Section 2.4)

Full compliance.