GroupWise Messenger Client User Guide

  GroupWise Messenger Client User Guide
    Getting Started
      Logging In to GroupWise Messenger
      Logging Out of GroupWise Messenger
      Connecting Messenger to Other Instant Messaging Systems
    Working with Conversations
      Sending an Instant Message
      Using Emoticons in Your Message
      Sending Files
      Changing the Font of Text in a Conversation
      Holding a Group Conversation
      Adding a Time Stamp to Each Entry in a Conversation
      Saving a Conversation
      Opening a Saved Conversation
      Printing a Conversation
      Searching the Archives for Logged Conversations
      Sending an Email Message (Windows Only)
    Working with Chat Rooms
      Searching for a Chat Room
      Joining a Chat Room without Searching
      Creating a Chat Room
      Modifying Access Rights for a Chat Room
      Deleting a Chat Room
      Ignoring a User in a Chat Room
      Performing Moderator Tasks
    Working with Broadcasts
      Receiving a Broadcast Message
      Clearing Broadcasts
      Sending a Broadcast Message to Selected Users
      Sending a System Broadcast
    Working with Contacts
      Adding a Contact
      Deleting a Contact
      Organizing the Contact List
      Importing a Contact List
      Exporting a Contact List
    Working with Your Personal History
      Viewing Your Recent History of a Conversation, Chat Room, or Broadcast
      Viewing the Extended History from a Conversation, Chat Room, or Broadcast
      Disabling or Enabling the Personal History in a Conversation, Chat Room, or Broadcast Window
      Clearing Your History
      Understanding How Multiple Connections Affects Personal History
    Working With Status Options
      Changing Your Status
      Creating a Custom Status
      Understanding How Multiple Connections Affects Status
    Customizing GroupWise Messenger
      Changing Your Password
      Specifying When GroupWise Messenger Opens
      Specifying Whether to Show Contacts at Startup
      Specifying How Long to Wait Before You Are Shown as Idle
      Specifying Whether You Are Prompted to Save Conversations
      Specifying Internet Connection Preferences
      Specifying Graphical Emoticons Preferences
      Specifying Conference Invitation Preferences
      Specifying the Interface Language
      Specifying Whether to Remember Your Password
      Specifying the Font of Composed Messages
      Specifying How the Enter Key Works
      Specifying the Font of Received Messages
      Specifying Offline Options for Contacts
      Specifying When You Receive Sounds and Alerts
      Specifying Who Can See Your Status and Send You Messages
      Changing the Contact List Appearance
      Changing the History Files Location
      Specifying History Show Preferences
      Specifying the Number of Days to Keep the History
      Showing Only Online Contacts
      Turning Off the Sound (Windows and Linux Only)
      Using Startup Options
    Using GroupWise Messenger from within GroupWise (Windows Only)
      Displaying Messenger Presence in GroupWise (Windows Only)
      Sending an Instant Message
      Displaying the GroupWise Messenger Contact List
      Configuring GroupWise Messenger to Start When GroupWise Starts
      Displaying GroupWise Messenger Options
    Using GroupWise Messenger on Your Mobile Device
    Accessibility for People with Disabilities
      Keyboard Shortcuts
    Legal Notices