5.4 Monitoring Device Status

After GroupWise data has successfully transferred from GroupWise into the Mobility system, the Device Sync Agent is then responsible for transferring the data to and from mobile devices.

  1. In the Mobility Admin console, click Users Users icon.

    Users page
  2. Check the Device State column for each user.

    If there are multiple lines in the Device State column. the user has multiple devices. Hover over the device state icon to display the device ID.

    The Device State column displays the following states that indicate the status of each device’s connection to the Mobility system:

    Device State


    Never Connected Never Connected icon

    The user has not yet configured the device to connect to the Mobility system. Device synchronization has not yet begun.

    Normal Normal icon

    The device has successfully connected to the Mobility system and synchronization to the device is complete.

    Blocked Blocked icon

    The device is being prevented from connecting to the Mobility system for either of these conditions:

    • All devices have been prevented from connecting by using the Block All Devices setting on the Device Sync Agent Configuration page.

    • An individual device has been manually blocked on the User/Device Actions page because it was having a problem that was adversely affecting the Mobility system.

    Quarantined Quarantined icon

    A new device is being prevented from connecting until you release it from the device quarantine.

    Resetting Reset icon

    A Reset command has been sent to a device in order to wipe all personal data from it.

    Reset Reset icon

    The device has acknowledged the Reset command and has been successfully wiped.

    See also Section 5.3, Monitoring User Status.

  3. (Optional) In the Search field, type all or part of a user’s first name, last name, or GroupWise user name to filter the list.

  4. (Optional) Use the drop-down menu to the right of the Search field to filter the list by device state.

  5. Click the user name of the device owner to display the User/Device Actions page.

    User/Device Actions page

    For each device, the device type, device operating system, ActiveSync version, and time of last synchronization are listed. The Device State column displays the same states that are displayed on the User page.

  6. (Conditional) If a device is in the Blocked state, click Unblock Device Unblock Device icon in the Device Actions column to unblock the device.

    For more information, see Section 4.2, Blocking/Unblocking All Incoming Devices and Section 7.3, Blocking/Unblocking Specific Devices.

  7. (Conditional) If a device is in the Quarantined state, click Allow Device Allow Device icon to release the device from the quarantine.

    For more information about the quarantine, see Section 4.4, Quarantining New Devices to Prevent Immediate Connection and Section 7.4, Releasing a New Device from the Quarantine.

  8. To display more detailed device information, such as the last time each device connected to your Mobility system, click Dashboard Dashboard icon, then click Devices.

    If a device has not connected to the Mobility system for 30 days, the nightly maintenance process automatically removes the inactive device from the Mobility system.

    For more information about the Dashboard, see Section 5.1, Using the Mobility Dashboard.

  9. (Optional) Click Folder List to display the totals of pending and synchronized items in each folder in the user’s GroupWise mailbox.

    Folder List on the User/Device Actions page

    This information is helpful when troubleshooting a synchronization problem for the user.