8.1 Configuring GroupWise Mobility Service to Support Microsoft Outlook Clients

Complete the tasks in the following sections to enable your GroupWise Mobility system to support Microsoft Outlook clients.

8.1.1 Microsoft Outlook Support in GroupWise Mobility Service

By default, Outlook client support is enabled for GroupWise Mobility Service. You can select which types of Outlook devices to connect to GMS: the Outlook client, the Outlook Mobile app, or both. Outlook client is selected by default.

If possible, each Mobility server that you enable should be using a trusted certificate rather than a self-signed certificate. On Mobility servers that use self-signed certificates, Outlook client users can receive frequent warning messages and Outlook app users will not be able to connect at all. For more information, see Self-Signed Certificates.

To change the Outlook client support:

  1. In the Mobility console, go to Config > Device.

  2. Make sure Allow Connections is enabled.

  3. Enable or disable Outlook Client or Outlook Mobile App to allow or disallow Outlook devices to connect to GMS.

  4. Click Save.

8.1.2 Provisioning Users in GroupWise Mobility Service

GroupWise users who will use the Outlook client must be added to the GroupWise Mobility system. For information about adding users to your GroupWise Mobility system, see Managing Mobile Device Users.