Linking Domains

If you have domains that cannot be linked via a mapped or TCP/IP connection, you can connect them via gateway links, with the Internet Agent defined as the gateway. Both domains being linked must have an Internet Agent installed.

For purposes of reducing confusion in the following steps, the two domains being connected are referred to as Provo and Cambridge. You will need to substitute your domains appropriately.

To configure gateway links between two domains:

  1. In ConsoleOne, right-click the Provo domain, click GroupWise Utilities > Link Configuration to display the Link Configuration utility.

    Link Configuration utility
  2. In the Outbound Links list, double-click the Cambridge domain to display the Edit Domain Link dialog box.

    Edit Domain Link dialog box
  3. Modify the following fields:

    Link Type: Select Gateway.

    Gateway Link: Select the name of the Provo domain's Internet Agent.

    Gateway Access String: Enter the hostname (Internet Agent object > SMTP/MIME tab > Settings page) or foreign ID (Internet Agent object > GroupWise tab > Identification page) of the Cambridge domain's Internet Agent (for example,

    Return Link: Leave this set to the Provo domain.

  4. Click OK to save your changes.

    The Cambridge domain is displayed in the Gateway column of the Outbound Links list to show that the Provo domain is using a gateway link to it. The Gateway link symbol symbol indicates a gateway link. The Link Not Saved symbol symbol indicates that the link configuration is not yet saved. To save the configuration information, click the Edit menu > Save.

    Link Configuration utility with the Cambridge domain listed in the Gateway column

    By default, any domains that are already linked to your Provo domain should have an indirect link to the Cambridge domain through the Provo domain. To verify this for a domain:

  5. In the list of domains on the Link Configuration utility's toolbar, select the domain whose link you want to check, then verify that the Cambridge domain is displayed in the Indirect column of the Outbound Links list.

    The Indirect link symbol symbol indicates an indirect link. If the Modification pending symbol symbol is displayed, the link modification has not yet been propagated to the domain.

    Link Configuration utility with the Cambridge domain listed in the Indirect column
  6. After verifying your domain links, repeat Step 1 through Step 5 in the second GroupWise system to establish the links to the first GroupWise system. If you do not have administrative rights to that system, you will need to coordinate with that GroupWise system's administrator.

The GroupWise MTA has monitoring capabilities that let you determine whether the domains in your system are properly linked. When you look at the MTA's operation screen, you should see all domains, regardless of link type, included in the domain count in the Status box.

If the link to a domain is closed, the MTA should be logging and displaying the reasons under its Configuration Status function.

For more information about link protocols, see Managing the Links between Domains and Post Offices.