Uninstalling the POA Software

If you move the POA to a different server, you can uninstall the POA software from the old location to regain disk space as long as the MTA is not running on the server. Select the platform where you have been running the POA:

Uninstalling the NetWare or Windows POA

  1. Stop the POA.

  2. Run install.exe in the \agents subdirectory of the GroupWise software distribution directory or GroupWise 6.5 Administrator CD.

  3. In the Install/Uninstall dialog box, click Uninstall to remove the POA software from the server.

    Windows Note: If the Windows POA was running as a service, the Agent Installation program removes the service, registry entry, and Start menu icon from Windows.

Uninstalling the Linux POA

  1. Make sure you are logged in as root.

  2. Stop the POA.

  3. Enter the following command to determine the specific version of the POA that is running on the server:

    rpm -qa | grep groupwise

  4. Enter the following command uninstall the POA:

    rpm -e novell-groupwise-agents-version-date

    where version is the version number (for example, 6.5.1) and date is the is the date when the RPM was created (for example, 0428 for April 28).

    This process removes all files and directories associated with the POA.