Cross-Platform Client on Linux

Folder icon /opt/novell/groupwise/client

Line SpacerGroupWise Cross-Platform client installation directory

File icon gwclient.desktop
File icon gwclient.png

Line SpacerDesktop shortcut for the Cross-Platform client
Line SpacerDesktop icon for the Cross-Platform client shortcut

Folder icon bin
File icon groupwise

Line SpacerSubdirectory for the Cross-Platform client executable
Line SpacerCross-Platform client executable

Folder icon lib
File icon gwenlxxx.fil
File icon ngwguard.dc
File icon wprof.dc
File icon *.jar
File icon *.so

Line SpacerSubdirectory for Cross-Platform client library files
Line SpacerCross-Platform client language resource files
Line SpacerData dictionary for local databases on the user's workstation
Line SpacerData dictionary for the local copy of the Address Book
Line SpacerJava archive (.jar) files used by the Cross-Platform client
Line SpacerShared library files used by the Cross-Platform client

Folder icon jre

Line SpacerJava Runtime Environment (JRE) used by the Cross-Platform client

Folder icon logs

Line SpacerLog files generated by the Cross-Platform client

/opt/novell/groupwise/client directory

The /opt/novell/groupwise/client directory is the default location for the GroupWise Cross-Platform software. The Installation program does not provide the opportunity to specify a different location and typically there is no need to move the software.

gwclient.desktop file

The gwclient.desktop file create the GroupWise Cross-Platform client shortcut on your Linux desktop.

gwclient.png file

The gwclient.png file is the GroupWise icon used for Cross-Platform client shortcut.

bin directory

The bin directory is the standard Linux location for executable files.

groupwise file

The groupwise file is the GroupWise Cross-Platform client executable. See "Starting the GroupWise Cross-Platform Client" in the GroupWise 6.5 Cross-Platform Client User Guide.

lib directory

The lib directory is the standard Linux location for library files.

gwenlxxx.fil file

The gwenlxxx.file provides the language-specific strings for the localized versions of the Cross-Platform client. The xx is a two-letter language code.

ngwguard.dc file

The ngwguard.dc file is the data dictionary for building the databases used by the Cross-Platform client. It is parallel in function to the ngwguard.dc file in the post office.

wprof.dc file

The wprof.dc file is the data dictionary used to create the local copy of the Address Book that resides on the user's workstation (wprof.db).

*.jar files

The *.jar files efficiently store information referenced by the Cross-Platform client. The gwclient.jar file contains the Cross-Platform online help information.

*.so files

The *.so files are Linux shared library files the provide information to the Cross-Platform client executable.

jre directory

The jre directory holds the version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) that is required by the Cross-Platform client.

logs directory

The logs directory stores log files generated by the Cross-Platform client when an error occurs.