Using Frequent Contacts

Use the Frequent Contacts address book to access your most frequently used or most recently used entries. When you use an address in a message, the entry is copied to the Frequent Contacts address book if the book's options are set to do so. You can view the date and time you last used an entry and the number of times you have used it.

After an entry is placed in Frequent Contacts, it remains there until you delete it. The entry also remains in its original address book.

You can use Frequent Contacts Properties to decide which addresses to capture (if any) from either received or sent items, and how long you want addresses to remain in the address book before deleting them.

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Using Frequent Contacts to Address Items

  1. Click Address toolbar icon in an item you are composing.

  2. Select Frequent Contacts from the Look In drop-down list.

  3. Double-click the names you want, then click OK.

The Frequent Contacts address book can be closed, but it cannot be deleted.