49.2 Using the Internet Agent Web Console

You can use a Web browser interface, referred to as the Web console, to monitor the Internet Agent. You cannot use the Internet Agent Web console to change any of the Internet Agent’s settings. Changes must be made through ConsoleOne, the server console, or the startup file.

49.2.1 Setting Up the Internet Agent Web Console

The default HTTP port for the Internet Agent Web console is established during Internet Agent installation. You can change the port number and increase security after installation in ConsoleOne.

  1. In ConsoleOne, right-click the WebAccess Agent object, then click Properties.

  2. Click GroupWise > Network Address to display the Network Address page.

    Network Address property page
  3. Make a note of the TCP/IP address and the HTTP port number. You need this information to access the Internet Agent Web console.

  4. If you want to use an SSL connection for the Internet Agent Web console, which provides optimum security, select Enabled in the HTTP SSL drop-down list.

    For additional instructions about using SSL connections, see Section 75.2, Server Certificates and SSL Encryption.

  5. Click Apply to save your changes on the Network Address page.

    If you want to limit access to the Internet Agent Web console, you can provide a username and password.

  6. Click GroupWise > Optional Gateway Settings to display the Optional Gateway Settings page.

    Optional Gateway Settings property page
  7. In the HTTP User Name field, enter an arbitrary username (for example, gwia).

  8. Click Set Password to assign a password (for example, monitor).

  9. Click OK to save your changes.

    ConsoleOne then notifies the Internet Agent to restart to put the new settings into effect.

49.2.2 Monitoring the Internet Agent at the Web Console

  1. In a Web browser, enter the following:

    http://IP_address:agent_port (non-secure server)


    https://IP_address:agent_port (secure server)

    where IP_address is the IP address or hostname of the server where the Internet Agent is running, and HTTP_port is the port number assigned to the agent. If you used the default port during installation, the port number is 9850.

  2. If prompted, enter the Web console username and password.

The Internet Agent Web console is displayed.

Internet Agent Web console

The Web console has five pages (Status, Configuration, Environment, and Log Files, and MTP Status). You can click Help on any page for information about the page.