47.3 Tracking Internet Traffic with Accounting Data

The Internet Agent can supply accounting information for all messages, including information such as the message’s source, priority, size, and destination.

The accounting file is an ASCII-delimited text file that records the source, priority, message type, destination, and other information about each message sent through the gateway. The file, which is updated daily at midnight (and each time the Internet Agent restarts), is called acct and is located in the xxx.prc directory. If no accountant is specified for the gateway in ConsoleOne, the file is deleted and re-created each day. Follow the steps below to set up accounting.

47.3.1 Selecting an Accountant

You can select one or more GroupWise users to be accountants. Every day at midnight, each accountant receives an accounting file (acct) that contains information about the messages the gateway sent that day.

  1. In ConsoleOne, right-click the Internet Agent object, then click Properties.

  2. Click GroupWise > Gateway Administrators to display the Gateway Administrators page.

    Gateway Administrators property page
  3. Click Add, browse for and select the user you want to add, then click OK to add the user to the list of administrators.

  4. Select the user in the list of administrators, then click Accountant.

    Gateway Administrators property page with the new administrator's name added
  5. Click OK to save the changes.

47.3.2 Enabling Accounting

  1. In ConsoleOne, right-click the Internet Agent object, then click Properties.

  2. Click GroupWise > Optional Gateway Settings to display the Optional Gateway Settings page.

    Optional Gateway Settings property page
  3. Set Accounting to Yes.

  4. Set Correlation Enabled to Yes.

  5. Click OK.

47.3.3 Understanding the Accounting File

The following is an Accounting file entry for a single event. Each field in the entry is described below.

O,1/25/2010,21:58:39,3DE29CD2.14E:7:6953, Mail,2,Provo,Research,jsmith,48909,Meeting Agenda,Provo,GWIA,sde23a9f.001,MIME,hjones@novell.com,1,2,11388,0

Table 47-2 Accounting File Entry Fields






Displays I for inbound messages and O for outbound messages



The date the message was processed.



The time the message was processed.

GroupWise message ID


The unique GroupWise ID assigned to the message.

GroupWise message type


Mail message, appointment, task, note, or phone message for outbound messages. Unknown for inbound messages.

GroupWise message priority


High priority = 1 Normal priority = 2 Low priority = 3

GroupWise user’s domain


The domain in which the GroupWise user resides.

GroupWise user’s post office


The post office where the GroupWise user’s mailbox resides.

GroupWise user’s ID


The GroupWise user’s ID. For outbound messages, the GroupWise user is the message sender. For inbound messages, the GroupWise user is the message recipient.

GroupWise user’s account ID


The GroupWise user’s account ID. The account ID is assigned on the user’s GroupWise Account page (User object > GroupWise > Account).

Message subject

Meeting Agenda

The message’s Subject line. Only the first 32 characters are displayed.

Gateway domain


The domain where the Internet Agent resides.

Gateway name


The Internet Agent’s name.

Foreign message ID


A unique ID for outbound messages. The identifier before the period (sde23a9f) uniquely identifies a message. The identifier after the period (001) is incremented by one for each message sent.

Foreign message type


The message type (MIME, etc.)

Foreign user’s address


The foreign user’s e-mail address. For inbound messages, the foreign user is the message sender. For outbound messages, the foreign user is the message recipient.

Recipient count


The number of recipients.

Attachment count


The number of attached files. The total count includes the message.

Message size


The total size, in bytes, of the message and its attachments.



Not used.

You can use the Monitor Agent to generate a report based on the contents of this file. For more information, see Section 65.3.10, Gateway Accounting Report.