14.4 GroupWise Administration

GroupWise administrators benefit from a new GroupWise Installation program that streamlines creation of a basic GroupWise system (administration, domain, post office, and agents) and that provides for saving installation options so that installations can be repeated without interaction. The GroupWise snap-ins to ConsoleOne have been improved to provide more currently appropriate agent settings defaults, more efficient addressing for external Internet domains, a significantly larger maximum mailbox size, the ability to set the default MIME encoding character set, and the ability to customize the Training and Tutorials URL. The options file for GroupWise Check now uses the same XML format across NetWare, Linux, and Windows so that the same options file can be used on any platform. The following sections provide additional detail:

14.4.1 Enhanced Installation Program

The GroupWise 8 Installation program provides the following new capabilities:

  • Runs on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

  • Streamlines installing and updating a basic GroupWise system (administration, domain, post office, MTA, POA, and Internet Agent). Additional components (GroupWise WebAccess, GroupWise Monitor, and Calendar Publishing Host) are installed separately.

  • Enables you to save all installation option settings you select, so that you can run the installation again on additional servers, either by using the saved selections as defaults, or by performing an installation that automatically uses the save selections and requires no interactions at all.

14.4.2 E-Mail Address Publishing

The GroupWise databases and eDirectory both contain information about users’ e-mail address formats. When you change settings for users’ GroupWise e-mail addresses, you can publish the changes to eDirectory so that user e-mail address information matches in both places.

For setup instructions, see Publishing E-Mail Addresses to eDirectory. in System in the GroupWise 8 Administration Guide.

14.4.3 Simplified Addressing for External GroupWise Systems

Before GroupWise 8, if you wanted users in your GroupWise system to be able to exchange messages conveniently with users in another GroupWise system, you needed to set up external domains, external post offices, and external users, or use dynamic Internet links, as described in Connecting to Other GroupWise Systems in the GroupWise 8 Multi-System Administration Guide.

Starting with GroupWise 8, you can set up an Internet domain in GroupWise to represent the other GroupWise system. As a result, messages are routed to the other GroupWise system based on links set up in the Link Configuration Tool, rather than through the Internet Agent.

For setup instructions, see Using External System Links in Connecting to Other GroupWise Systems in the GroupWise 8 Multi-System Administration Guide.

14.4.4 Client Auditing

ConsoleOne can now display the number of users who are using the Windows, Mac, or Linux client. The client version is also displayed.

For instructions, see Viewing Current Client Usage in the Post Office in Post Offices in the GroupWise 8 Administration Guide.

14.4.5 Customized Client User Training and Tutorials URL

When the user clicks Help > Training and Tutorials in the GroupWise Windows client, the GroupWise 8 End-User Training Web page displays by default. If you purchase more in-depth training from BrainStorm, or you want to provide your own customized training materials for your GroupWise users, you can change the URL that Help > Training and Tutorials displays.

For instructions, see Educating Your New Users in Users in the GroupWise 8 Administration Guide.

14.4.6 Default MIME Encoding

You can now set the default MIME encoding (for example, UTF-8, Windows Default, ISO Default, and so on) that is used by the GroupWise clients.

For instructions, see MIME Encoding in System in the GroupWise 8 Administration Guide.

GroupWise users can override the default MIME encoding in the GroupWise clients, as described in:

14.4.7 New Format for the GWCheck Options File

In the past, the GWCheck options file (gwcheck.opt, by default) was created in a different format on Linux than it was on NetWare and Windows. As a result, if you migrated from NetWare or Windows to Linux, you could not use any existing GWCheck options files on Linux.

In GroupWise 8, the GWCheck options file is created in XML format on all platforms. Therefore, you can create the GWCheck options file on any platform and use it on any platform interchangeably.

14.4.8 Updated Identity Manager Driver

The GroupWise Identity Manager driver has been updated with additional searches and more client options. It is available by selecting Identity Manager Drivers at Novell Downloads.

14.4.9 Access Control for Distribution Lists (v8.0.2)

In GroupWise 8 Support Pack 2, you can restrict the users who are allowed to send to a distribution list. For instructions, see Controlling Access to a Distribution List in Distribution Lists, Groups, and Organizational Roles in the GroupWise 8 Administration Guide.

14.4.10 Attachment Restrictions for Specified File Types (v8.0.2)

In GroupWise 8 Support Pack 2, you can restrict the types of files that users can attach to messages. For instructions, see Restricted Attachment Extensions in Client in the GroupWise 8 Administration Guide,

14.4.11 Maximum Number of Recipients (v8.0.2)

In GroupWise 8 Support Pack 2, you can restrict the maximum number of recipients that users can send a message to. For instructions, see Maximum Recipients Allowed in Client in the GroupWise 8 Administration Guide.