D.5 August 31, 2009 (GroupWise 8 SP1)




Section 2.0, GroupWise System Requirements

Updated the supported operating environments for GroupWise 8 Support Pack 1.

Section 2.3.5, Citrix Support

Added Citrix XenServer as a supported environment.

Section 2.3.6, Domain Services for Windows Support

Added Domain Services for Windows as a supported environment.

Section 4.3.9, NetWare Installation Options: Automatic Startup, Protected Mode, and Clustering

Added Protected Mode as an Internet Agent installation option.

Section 7.1, GroupWise Monitor Overview

Clarified that the Monitor web-based consoles are available on both Windows and Linux.

Monitor Server

Stated that the Monitor Agent cannot run as a Windows service; recommended installing the Monitor Agent on the same server with a domain and its MTA.

Section 6.3.3, Determining the Configuration of the Calendar Publishing Host and Section 6.4.1, Installing the Calendar Publishing Host

Added the new Calendar Publishing Host Name dialog box in the Calendar Publishing Host Installation program.


Section 14.4.3, Simplified Addressing for External GroupWise Systems

Removed user synchronization as an aspect of simplified addressing.

Section 15.1, Understanding eDirectory Schema Extensions, Section 16.0, Preparing Your GroupWise System for Update, and Section 17.1, Installing the GroupWise 8 Software

Clarified that, during an update from GroupWise 7 to GroupWise 8, the GroupWise Installation program does not automatically extend the eDirectory schema. You must do it manually in ConsoleOne.

Section 16.0, Preparing Your GroupWise System for Update

Emphasized that GroupWise client user workstations must be running a supported version of the operating system.