11.3 Mac Client

  • GroupWise Mac client installation directory
  • Standard Macintosh directory for application files
  • Standard Macintosh package info file
  • Standard Macintosh package list file
  • Standard Macintosh directory for operating system files
  • Standard Macintosh directory for resource files
  • Icons used by the Mac client
  • Subdirectory for Mac client library files
  • Data dictionary for local databases on the user’s workstation
  • Data dictionary for the local copy of the Address Book
  • Mac client language information files
  • Java archive (.jar) files used by the Mac client
  • Dynamic libraries used by the Mac client

11.3.1 /Applications/GroupWise.app directory

The /Applications/GroupWise.app directory contains the GroupWise Mac client.

11.3.2 Contents directory

The Contents directory is the standard location on Macintosh for all files that make up an application.

11.3.3 MacOS directory

The MacOS directory contains the JavaApplicationStub file that enables the Mac client to invoke the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

11.3.4 Resources directory

The Resources directory is the standard location on Macintosh for files that support an application.

GroupWise.icns file

The GroupWise.icns file contains all the images that display in the Mac client.

11.3.5 lib directory

The lib directory holds library files that provide information required by the Mac client.

gwenlxxx.fil file

The gwenlxxx.file provides the language-specific strings for the localized versions of the Mac client. The xx is a two-letter language code.

ngwguard.dc file

The ngwguard.dc file is the data dictionary for building the databases used by the Mac client. It is parallel in function to the ngwguard.dc file in the post office.

wprof.dc file

The wprof.dc file is the data dictionary used to create the local copy of the Address Book that resides on the user’s workstation (wprof.db).

*.jar files

The *.jar files efficiently store information referenced by the Mac client. The gwclient.jar file contains the Mac online help information.

*.dylib files

The *.dylib files are dynamic library files the provide information to the Mac client program.