2.3 Upgrading Drivers to the New Architecture

For the new architecture to work properly, all of the drivers in a driver set must use the new architecture. You cannot have mixed versions of drivers in a driver set and have the new architecture function.

You use Designer or iManager to upgrade drivers, after Designer 2.0 and Identity Manager 3.5 plug-ins for iManager are installed. These procedures upgrade the driver to use the new architecture, but it does not upgrade the driver configuration file. To upgrade the driver configuration file, see Section 2.4, Methods for Upgrading the Driver Configuration File.

2.3.1 Upgrading Drivers in Designer

To upgrade drivers in Designer:

  1. Install Designer version 2.0 or above, then launch Designer.

    If you had a project open in Designer when you upgraded Designer, proceed to Step 2. If you didn’t have a project open in Designer when you upgraded Designer, skip to step Step 3.

  2. If you had a project open when upgrading Designer, the following warning message is displayed. Read the upgrade message, then click OK.

    Upgrade message

    Designer closes the project to preform the upgrade.

  3. In the Project view, double-click System Model to open and convert the project.

    System Model
  4. Read Project Converter message explaining that the project is backed up, converted to the new format, changes logged to a file, and the new project is opened, then click Next.

    Project Converter message
  5. Specify the name of the backup project name, then click Next.

    Backup project
  6. Read the project conversion summary, then click Convert.

    Project conversion summary
  7. Read the project conversion result summary, then click Open Project.

    Project conversion result summary

    If you want to view the log file that is generated, click View Log.

2.3.2 Upgrading Drivers in iManager

To upgrade drivers in iManager:

  1. Verify Identity Manager 3.5 has be installed and you have the current plug-ins installed, then launch iManager.

  2. Click Identity Manager > Identity Manager Overview.

  3. Click Search to find the Driver Set object, then click the driver you want to upgrade.

  4. Read the message that is displayed, then click OK.

    Upgrade message
  5. If there is more than one driver in the Driver Set, repeat Step 2 through Step 4 for each driver.