2.2 New Identity Manager Architecture

The new Identity Manager 3.5 architecture uses a single attribute on the driver object call DirXML-Policies. DirXML-Policies is a multi-valued attribute, which consists of a DN field that points to a policy, and two integer fields that indicate interval and level. The interval field holds a number indicative of the Policy Set that the policy belongs to. The level field indicates the relative order (low to high) of the policies within the Policy Set.

Figure 2-3 shows all of the Policy Sets in the DirXML-Policies attribute of a Delimited Text driver. The Password policy is a Subscriber Command Transformation policy. It is the fourth policy that is executed when the Command Transformation policies are run.

Figure 2-3 New Identity Manger Architecture

Each Policy Set is assigned a unique number for the integer field. Those values are: