13.0 Embedded SQL Statements in XDS Events

Embedded SQL allows you to embed SQL statements in XDS-formatted XML documents. You can use embedded SQL statements along with XDS events or use them standalone. When embedded SQL statements are used standalone, embedded SQL processing does not require that the driver know anything about tables/view in the target database. As such, the driver can run in schema-unaware mode. See Synchronization Filter. When using embedded SQL standalone, you must establish associations manually. The driver won’t establish them for you.

When used in conjunction with XDS events, embedded SQL can act as a virtual database trigger. In the same way that you can install database triggers on a table and cause side effects in a database when certain SQL statements are executed, embedded SQL can cause side effects in a database in response to certain XDS events.

All examples in this section reference the following indirect.usr table.

CREATE TABLE indirect.usr
    idu   INTEGER  NOT NULL,
    fname VARCHAR2(64),
    lname VARCHAR2(64),

    CONSTRAINT pk_usr_idu PRIMARY KEY(idu)