15.6 Deprecated Third-Party JDBC Drivers

This section contains a list of third-party JDBC drivers that are no longer supported.

15.6.1 BEA Weblogic jDriver for Microsoft SQL Server

Table 15-30 BEA Weblogic jDriver

Supported Database Version:

Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, 7.x, 8.x (2000)

Class Name




URL Syntax


Download Instructions

Register for free and download the latest version of Weblogic server. Run the installer. The weblogic.jar file is installed in the install-dir/server/lib directory.

BEA Download Center



Documentation URLs

jDriver Documentation

NOTE:The BEA Weblogic driver is included in the supported third-party driver listing to provide JDBC access to Microsoft SQL server 7. Microsoft’s driver supports only version 8 (2000).


The BEA Weblogic driver is backward-compatible. Database server and driver updates are infrequent.


The BEA Weblogic driver does not support encrypted transport.

Known Issues

  • The BEA Weblogic driver is not free. It must be purchased and properly licensed.

  • Association values that contain UNIQUEIDENTIFIER columns are inconsistent between driver versions.

    Earlier versions of the BEA Weblogic driver returned a non-standard java.sql.Types value for native UNIQUEIDENTIFIER columns. To compensate, the Driver for JDBC mapped that non-standard type to the standard type java.sql.Types.BINARY because it best mirrored the native database type, which is a 16-byte value. This mapping results in a Base64-encoded association value.

    Later versions of the BEA Weblogic driver return a standard type java.sql.CHAR. This mapping results in a non-Base64-encoded association value, effectively invalidating all associations generated by using earlier versions of the BEA Weblogic driver. This change effectively breaks backward compatibility.

    The best solution to this problem is to continue using the earlier version of the BEA Weblogic driver. If you must upgrade, you must remove all invalidated associations and reassociate all previously-associated objects.

  • The BEA Weblogic driver throws a java.lang.IllegalMonitorStateException when method java.sql.Connection.getConnection(String url, String username, String password) is called on AIX.