15.41 Incremental Patch Upgrade Issue in a Multiple-Server Scenario

In a multiple-server scenario where all the iFolder servers are on OES 2 SP2 March 2010 or an earlier patch, if you upgrade any of these iFolder servers to a patch of OES 2 SP2 May 2010 or later, then the remaining iFolder servers cannot communicate with the upgraded iFolder servers.

In this scenario, for the iFolder servers to communicate with each other, the upgraded iFolder server must behave like the remaining iFolder servers until all the servers are upgraded to the same patch level (OES 2 SP2 May 2010 or later). To ensure that this happens, use the following procedure:

  1. Create a backup of the Simias.config file located in the upgraded iFolder server datapath.

  2. Add the following entry in the Simias.config file under server section:

    <setting name="MultiByteServer" value="no" />
  3. Restart Apache.

After upgrading the remaining iFolder servers with the OES 2 SP2 May 2010 or later patch, you must edit the entry mentioned in Step 2, by changing the value of the attribute from no to yes, or delete the entry from the Simias.config file.

NOTE:The above issue does not occur for iFolder servers with OES 2 SP2 May 2010 and later patches.