4.7 Viewing Items Others Have Shared with You

Vibe makes it easy to find items that others have shared with you. You might also receive an email notification with a link to the shared item.

  1. Navigate to your personal workspace.

  2. Click My Workspace from any Vibe page, then click Shared with Me .

    All files and folders that have been shared with you are displayed, along with the following information:

    Comments: Comments associated with the shared item.

    Shared by: The users who shared the item with you. If more than one user has shared a particular item with you, each user is listed.

    Shared on: The date and time the item was first shared with you.

    Expire: The date the share expires. After this date, you no longer have access to the shared item.

    Access: The level of access that you have to the shared item. Depending on the access rights that you’ve been granted to the item, you can view, edit, or share the item. If the item that was shared with you is a folder, you might also be able to manage files within the folder.

    For more information about the various levels of access, see Section 4.1, Understanding Shared-Access Rights.

    Note: A note specifically for you and any other user who receives the share. Only the users and groups who receive the share can read the note.