2.17 Viewing Live Feeds

Kablink Vibe enables you to view live feeds of the latest entries in your teams, followed places, or across the entire site, so you can be up-to-date in real time without entering the Vibe site. And, like Twitter, you can see live feeds for the micro-blog entries of the people you are following.

2.17.1 Setting Up a Live Feed

To set up a live feed from your Vibe site:

  1. Click your linked name in the upper right corner of the Vibe site, then click the Live Feed icon .

    The live feed is displayed.

  2. In the Show drop-down list, select from the following options:

    • My Teams: Displays the most recent entries of members of your various teams.

    • All Followed: Displays the most recent entries that have been posted to the places that you are currently following, as well as the entries for the people you are currently following.

    • Site Wide: Displays the most recent entries that have been posted to the Vibe site.

    • Micro-Blogs: Displays the most recent micro-blog entries of the people that you are currently following.

  3. (Optional) Minimize the live feed window.

    The live feed window is displayed in your desktop notification area.

2.17.2 Viewing New Entries in Your Live Feed

  1. Open the live feed window that you minimized (located in your desktop notification area).

    The live feed is automatically updated every five minutes. To instantly update the feed and see the most recent entries, click the Refresh icon .

2.17.3 Using the Notification Area to View the Number of New Entries

In the Firefox web browser, you can view how many new entries have been posted since the last time the live feed was refreshed.

  1. Look at the notification area of the feed window that you minimized. The number of new entries is displayed on the left. If there are no new entries, no number is displayed.