6.1 Retrieving the Installation File

The Kanaka Plug-in and Desktop client are installed through a single file that you can retrieve from the ISO or from a Web browser.

6.1.1 Retrieving the Installation File from the ISO

  1. From the ISO, locate the CLIENT\MicroFocus_Kanaka_for_Mac-3.0.0.dmg file.

  2. Copy the installation file to each Mac where you will install the Kanaka Plug-in or the Kanaka Desktop Client.

6.1.2 Retrieving the Installation File from a Web Browser

  1. From the Mac where you want to copy the installation file, open a browser and go to https://server_ip_or_DNS_name:3089/m/GetClient.html.

  2. Click the MicroFocus_Kanaka_for_Mac-3.0.0.dmg link to copy the installation file to the Mac.