3.6 Performing Moderator Tasks

The owner of a chat room can make a person a moderator in the Access page of the chat room properties. For more information about access rights, see Section 3.4, Modifying Access Rights for a Chat Room.

As a moderator of a chat room, you can remove users from the chat room and you can change the topic of the chat room.

3.6.1 Removing a User from the Chat Room

When you remove someone from a chat room, their chat room window closes and they are no longer part of the chat room. However, they can join back into the chat room.

  1. Right-click the user to remove from the chat room, then click Remove.

3.6.2 Changing the Topic of a Chat Room

  1. Click Actions > Edit Chat Room Topic.

  2. Type the new topic in the Chat Room Topic field, then click OK.