5.2 Understanding the Update Process

You can update a Novell Messenger 1.x to Novell Messenger 2.

Before you begin updating your Novell Messenger system to Novell Messenger 2, you should review the following sections. These sections, which describe the process to follow when updating, help you plan and implement a successful update strategy:

5.2.1 Extending the Novell eDirectory Schema

Novell Messenger 2 includes new functionality that requires you to extend the schema of any Novell eDirectory™ trees where you have Novell Messenger objects. The Novell Messenger Setup automatically extends the schema for any trees you select.

5.2.2 Installing the Novell Messenger Software

The Novell Messenger 2 software requirements are different than previous Novell Messenger software requirements. To review the requirements, see Section 2.1, Messenger System Requirements.


Novell Messenger 2 is administered through ConsoleOne, using the version listed in Section 2.1, Messenger System Requirements. You can use the same version of ConsoleOne to administer earlier Novell Messenger components in your GroupWise system.

IMPORTANT:Earlier versions of ConsoleOne should not be used to administer Novell Messenger 2 objects.

You can download ConsoleOne for from the Novell Product Downloads site and install it before starting to install Novell Messenger.

5.2.3 Updating the GroupWise Messenger Client

After you have updated the version of your agents, users can run the GroupWise Messenger 2 Windows client or Cross-Platform client on workstations listed in Section 2.2, Messenger Client Workstation Requirements. If necessary, they can also continue to run their older GroupWise Messenger clients, but they will not have GroupWise Messenger 2 functionality.

For a list of new features in the GroupWise Messenger 2 client, see Section 5.1.2, GroupWise Messenger Clients.

5.2.4 Updating the Novell Messenger Agents

To update the Novell Messenger Agents, you need to run the setup program. For information on running the setup program, see Section 3.0, Installing a Novell Messenger System.