1.1 About Novell Filr

Novell Filr lets you work with files in these important ways:

  • Access: Access the files you need in multiple ways, including from a web browser, from your desktop, or from a mobile device.

    For more information, see Section 1.2, Accessing Novell Filr.

  • Share: Share files with your co-workers and grant them specific rights to the files. For example, you can share a file and give User A Viewer access, and then share the same file and give User B Editor access.

    You can easily see what has been shared with you and what you have shared.

    For more information, see Section 3.0, Sharing Files and Folders.

  • Collaborate: Make comments on a file. All users with access can see your comments and make comments of their own.

    For more information, see Section 6.2, Commenting on a File.

Filr lets you access, share, and collaborate on two key types of files:

1.1.1 Files in Net Folders

Novell Filr gives you easy access to folders and files on your corporate file system. Corporate files can be files on your home directory, files on a mapped drive, or files on a remote server. Filr gives you seamless access to these files, regardless of their location. The corporate files that you have access to are defined by your Filr administrator.

In Filr, you access these corporate files by clicking Net Folders in the masthead. Or for files in your Home directory, you access them by clicking My Files. For more information about Net Folders, see Section 2.3, Accessing Files and Folders in the Corporate File System (Net Folders).

1.1.2 My Files

The My Files area can contain personal storage files (files that you upload directly to the Filr site) and files from your Home directory. Your Filr administrator determines the functionality that is available to you in the My Files area.

You can upload files directly to the Filr site for your personal use or to promote collaboration. You can create folders to better organize your files. For more information about how to upload files, see Section 4.8, Adding Files to a Folder. For more information about how to create a folder, see Section 4.1, Creating a New Folder.

Files and folders that are located in your My Files area are visible only to you by default. You can make files and folders available to others by sharing them, as described in Section 3.0, Sharing Files and Folders.

Unlike files in the Net Folders area, personal storage files in the My Files area do not exist on an external server; instead, they are on the Filr server itself.

Files in your Home directory do exist on an external server.

Depending on the settings made by your Filr administrator, you access both types of files by clicking My Files in the masthead.