3.3 Setting Up DNS for the Print Manager

Prior to configuring printers for iPrint, you should configure a DNS name for each Print Manager. When iPrint is enabled for a printer, a URL is generated based upon the Print Manager’s IP address or assigned DNS Name. Beginning with NetWare® 6.5, if a DNS name is not assigned to a Print Manager, by default the Print Manager uses the server’s IP address when generating the printer URL.

For example, if a Print Manager resides on a server using an IP address of and the printer name is Printer1, then iPrint generates a URL of ipp:// If you assign a DNS name to the Print Manager of Printing.My_Company.Com and the printer name is Printer1, then the URL is ipp://Printing.My_Company.Com/ipp/Printer1.

By using a DNS name, you can change the server’s IP addresses without affecting a printer’s URL for printers already installed.

To correctly enable DNS for each Print Manager, you must complete the following tasks:

  1. Add the DNS name to the DNS name server.

  2. Enable DNS on the Print Manager.

WARNING:If you do not implement DNS before using iPrint or change a Print Manager’s DNS name, be aware of the following issues:

  • If DNS is not set up for the Print Manager and the manager is moved to another server, users must reinstall their iPrint printers.

  • If a DNS name is added to the Print Manager after iPrint is set up, iPrint printers enabled before DNS cannot use the DNS name until the manager is restarted.

  • If users install printers before the DNS name is added, their printing works only until the IP address of the Print Manager changes. Then users must reinstall their printers.

3.3.1 Adding the DNS Name to the DNS Name Server

See your DNS name server documentation for more information. If you are using NetWare for your DNS name server, see the NW 6.5 SP8: Novell DNS/DHCP Services Administration Guide.

3.3.2 Enabling DNS on the Print Manager

To configure a DNS name for the Print Manager, use the Print Manager command line startup switch, /dnsname=DNS_name. If you use a DNS name that is not contained in the server’s sys:etc\hosts, you receive an error when you load the Print Manager.


ndpsm Print_Manager_Object_Name /dnsname=Print_Manager_DNS_Name


ndpsm PrintManager1 /dnsname=Printing.My_Company.Com

where PrintManager1 is the Print Manager name and Printing.My_Company.Com is the desired DNS name.

You need to use the DNS startup switch only once. After the startup switch is used, the Print Services Manager remembers the DNS name until a different DNS name is specified. To change the DNS Name, use the switch with the new DNS name. If you do not specify an IP address or DNS name when you load the Print Manager, the manager uses the server’s IP address. If either the IP address or DNS name specified on the command line or in the sys:etc\hosts file is invalid, you receive one of the following errors:

IP Address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, specified at load time, is not bound. Program execution cannot continue normally. Press Escape to continue.


The NDPS Manager cannot resolve the DNS name xxx.

To resolve this error, use a valid DNS name or IP address for the Print Manager at the system console prompt or edit the sys:\etc\hosts to contain a valid address. See the NW 6.5 SP8: Novell DNS/DHCP Services Administration Guide for more information.

NOTE:When loaded, the Print Manager appears in the IP Management list of Novell Remote Manager. However, if IP Management cannot validate the DNS name being used, the Print Manager does not appear in the list. If you want the Print Manager to appear in the IP Management list, you must add the DNS name you assigned to the Print Manager to sys:etc\hosts.

For more information about Novell Remote Manager, see the NW 6.5 SP8: Novell Remote Manager Administration Guide.