33.5 eDirectory Errors When Creating NSS Pools or Volumes on Linux

33.5.1 eDirectory Error 613 When Creating an NSS Pool or Volume on Linux

When creating an NSS pool or volume with NSSMU on your Linux server, an Error 613 is returned if the server has no eDirectory™ Read/Write replica. The error occurs because NCP™ (NetWare Control Protocol™) cannot map to the pool or volume.

To avoid this problem, make sure the server has an eDirectory Read/Write replica. You can also add the NSS volume path to the /etc/opt/novell/ncpserv.conf file for NCP Server on Linux.

33.5.2 eDirectory Error 672 When Creating an NSS Pool on Linux

When creating an NSS pool on Linux by using NSSMU or iManager, an Error 672 is returned if there is no NSS Admin object in the Novell eDirectory database for the server (such as HOSTNAMEadmin.context). NSS requires that an NSS Admin object must exist for each and every server, or management does not work.

This situation occurs if you move a server across trees without also moving its NSS Admin object from one tree’s eDirectory database to the other.

If you re-create the NSS Admin object, you are then able to successfully create pools.

To re-create the NSS Admin object, run nssAdminInstall at a Linux terminal console as the root user:

  1. Open a terminal console, then log in as the root user.

  2. At the console prompt, enter the following (all on the same line, of course):

    nssAdminInstall -a adminname.context -p adminpassword -o HOSTNAMEadmin.context

    For example, for a server with a hostname of SERVER1 in the context of example, the NSS Admin object might be named SERVER1admin.example.

    nssAdminInstall -a admin.example -p admin_pwd -o SERVER1admin.example

After the NSS Admin object is created, update the eDirectory Pool object. For information, see Section 16.13, Updating eDirectory Pool Objects.