16.0 Managing NSS Pools

Novell® Storage Services™ uses storage pools to efficiently acquire and use all free space available on devices. A pool is an area of storage that consists of space, called a partition, obtained from one or more of the storage devices available on a server. The amount of space that each storage device contributes can differ for each member device.

Use the iManager Storage plug-in to configure and manage NSS pools. For information about iManager, see Section 9.1, Novell iManager and Storage-Related Plug-Ins.

You can also use the console-based NSS Management Utility to configure and manage NSS pools. For information, see Section 9.2, NSS Management Utility (NSSMU) Quick Reference.

This section describes how to configure and manage NSS pools by completing the following tasks:

For information about pool snapshots for NSS on NetWare®, see Managing NSS Pool Snapshots.