3.2 Configuring MySQL on a NetWare Cluster

To configure MySQL on Novell Cluster Services:

  1. Bring down the existing instances of MySQL services (mysqld) on each node in the cluster using the following command format:

    mysqladmin -u root -ppassword --autoclose

  2. In every node in the cluster, edit autoexec.ncf and comment out the following entry.

    mysqld_safe --autoclose

    This lets Novell Cluster Services start MySQL for NetWare.

  3. On one of the nodes in the cluster, create a shared pool and volume. Enter the shared IP address where MySQL service will run.

    For example, let the volume name be SHAREDVOL

  4. Prepare MySQL service to use the shared volume:

    1. Create a folder sharedvol:\mysql

    2. Copy the configuration file my.cnf from sys:\etc to sharedvol:\mysql

    3. Create a folder for data directory for MySQL, sharedvol:\mysql\data

    4. Edit the file sharedvol:\mysql\my.cnf and comment out the following entries:

      • bind-address=

      • datadir=sys:\mysql\data

  5. (Optional) If migrating datadir, skip this step and go to Step 6; otherwise, execute the following:

    mysql_install_db --datadir=sharedvol:\mysql\data

  6. Go to Network Remote Manager (NRM) > Cluster Config, then edit the load and unload scripst of the MySQL cluster volume resource.

    1. The load script specifies the commands to start the resource or service on a server or to mount the volume on a server. Add the following at the end of the existing load script:

      mysqld_safe --defaults-file=sharedvol:\mysql\my.cnf --bind-address=a.b.c.d --datadir=sharedvol:\mysql\data --autoclose

    2. The unload script specifies how the application or resource should terminate. Add the following at the beginning of the unload script:

      mysqladmin shutdown -h a.b.c.d -u root -ppassword --autoclose

      where a.b.c.d = shared IP address

  7. Bring the cluster resource online.

MySQL is now configured to work in the active/passive clustering mode on NetWare.