Installing Novell Advanced Audit Service

This section contains the system requirements for Novell® Advanced Audit Service (NAAS), and the procedure for installing the NAAS utility and the default configuration utility. The basic configuration details are also given here.

IMPORTANT:  This chapter is a must read to perform overlay install. If the install is script-based, skip to System Requirements .

During the express installation of NetWare® 6, NAAS will be installed by default.

During the custom installation of NetWare 6, Novell Advanced Audit Service is displayed in the list of products. Select NAAS to install it with NetWare 6.

If NAAS is not selected during NetWare 6 installation it can be installed as an add-on product using the source Netware 6 installation CD. To install as an add-on product:

  1. Load the NetWare 6 source CD in the CD drive.

  2. At the server console, type Startx.

  3. From the NetWare interface, click Install.

    A list displays, showing products that have been installed.

  4. Click Add.

  5. Click the Browse icon and select the path of the source CD.

    For example, the path can be source directory/server/

    A list of products with the size and description of each component that can be installed is displayed.

  6. Select NAAS and proceed with the installation.