Novell Storage Services Administration Guide

As your network structure grows, you need larger storage capacity, more efficient file management, and faster volume mounting speed. For example, you might need large volumes for numerous directories and files, or have numerous files open simultaneously. Novell® Storage ServicesTM (NSS) is a 64-bit file storage and management system that meets your file system needs. It is a seamless, scalable, and flexible storage and file system that lets you continually configure, mount, and maintain large volumes and numerous files without disrupting the work of end users.

This book is divided into the following sections:

For a description of NSS, see Overview .

For setup and configuration information, see Setting Up and Configuring Novell Storage Services .

For information about monitoring the status of your storage objects and NSS configuration, see Viewing Storage Objects .

For troubleshooting information, see Troubleshooting .

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